These three words are easy to confuse. They intensify the amount or quality of something.


We use "very" to intensify adjectives. An adjective describes a noun. A red ball. A tall man. A sad boy.

  • There is a very happy child.


We use "many" to intensify nouns. A noun is a person, place, or thing. A red ball. A tall man. A sad boy.

  • There are many happy children.
    many happy children

You can even say: "There are many very happy children."


We use "too" instead of very or many when we don't like something. (It has a negative connotation.)

  • There are too many cars on the road.
  • I am too tired to go out tonight.



The box will turn green when you fill in the correct word.

  1. There are many people on this bus. :(
  2. There are children at the park today. :)
  3. That man is kind. :)
  4. She is talkative. :(
  5. She is talkative. :)