The TOEIC test focuses on English as used in real-world work situations. It has 4 components but students in Thailand usually only take the listening and reading portions (Official User Guide PDF).

Test Format

The listening test has four parts in which you:

  1. Choose a statement that best describes a picture. Examples
  2. Listen to a question and choose the best response. Examples
  3. Listen to a short conversation and answer comprehension questions about the conversation. Examples
  4. Listen to a short talk (by one person) and answer questions about the talk. Examples

The reading test also has four parts in which you:

  1. Complete the sentence using the appropriate word. Examples
  2. Complete a longer text with the appropriate words. Examples
    Note: This section replaces the "find the grammatical error" section. Many older books and websites still include this section.
  3. Reading Comprehension
    A. Answer questions about short texts. Examples.
    B. Answer questions about pieces of written communication (e.g. two emails). Examples

Tip: Both tests are multiple choice. So even if you don't know the answer make sure to guess since you have a 25% chance of being correct.

Tip: Many students find the grammar sections to be difficult and time-consuming. You may want to do the reading comprehensions sections first and then go back to the grammar sections.

Practice Tests

Phone Apps - There are lots of apps out there. Here are a couple that I like.


  • Exam English - Links from this site were used above. (Older version: Part 6 has not been updated)
  • - You can build your own test by choosing the parts you want to practice. If you don't have time to finish it, you can have a link sent to your email address. It also works well in my mobile browser. (Older version: Part 6 has not been updated)
  • Official - ETS Practice Test - Registration Required
  • English Club - 20 Tips

Vocabulary Quizzes

Listening Labs

These listening activities can be sorted by difficulty and include scripts and comprehension questions.



  • Tactics for the TOEIC Test - Introductory Course - Oxford
  • Barron's 600 Essential Words for the TOEIC