Read the sentences and try to find the pattern.

  • There are glasses.
  • There is a microwave.
  • There are two chairs.
  • There is a sink.
  • There is some milk.
  • There are some dishes in the sink.

Positive Sentences

THERE IS: We use "IS" with singular and non-count nouns.

  • There is a cat. (singular)
  • There is some milk. (non-count)

THERE ARE: We use "ARE" with plural nouns.

  • There are some cats.
  • There are two chairs.

Note: There are a few plural nouns that don't end in -S

  • There are some fish. (1 fish -> 2 fish)
  • There are some people. (1 person -> 2 people)
  • There are some oxen. (1 ox -> 2 oxen)

Practice: The box will turn green when you type the correct answer.

  1. many cars on the road today.
  2. a traffic jam.
  3. a big sale at the mall today.
  4. two students absent today.
  5. some dogs near the temple.
  6. a lot of snow on the ground.


For questions, we usually use any instead of some when asking for information.

  • Is there any milk?
  • Is there a bathroom?
  • Are there any eggs?
  • Are there any restaurants nearby?


  1. a new student in my class?
  2. any new students in my class?
  3. any apples on the tree?
  4. any rice left?

For offers and requests we usually use some.

  • Would you like some tea? (offer)
  • Would you please pick-up some milk on your way home? (request)

Negative Sentences:

  • Use ANY instead of SOME.
  • Use 'IS NOT' with singular and non-count nouns.
    • There isn't an elephant in the room.
    • There isn't any water left. (non-count) isn't some water
  • Use 'ARE NOT' with plural nouns.
    • There aren't any elephants in the room.

  isn't = is not
  aren't = are not


  1. any new students.
  2. a prize if you finish first.
  3. any bananas left.
  4. any sugar left
  5. There aren't eggs in the fridge.

Wat Sothon Temple in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Cloze Exercise: is / are / isn't / aren't

There a lot of interesting things to do in Chachoengsao. There two lovely parks. At the park on the river there a boardwalk. There jet skis for rent across the river. There many festivals. There also a huge temple on the river called Wat Sothon. There several comfortable resorts. There a beach but there good restaurants on the river. Also, there a shopping mall. There two movie theaters, but there many English movies playing. There lots of friendly people to meet too!