I recently discovered the Language Learning with YouTube extension for Chrome and Edge.  Here are some of the features:

  • You can display two subtitles at the same time.
  • Click on any word to see a detailed definition.
  • Press 'S' to repeat the line you just heard.
  • Use autopause to give you time to read or repeat (shadow) each line.  

The only catch is that the video your watching needs to have subtitles, but I've collected a few here to get you started.  There is also an extension for Netflix too.

I've also found an Android app with similar features called DingulTube. If you have found and iOS app with similar features, please let me know in the comments.

Thai PBS

  1. Japanese Roast Beef
  2. What do Japanese People Think About Learning Thai

Mahidol University

  1. ตับ - The Liver


  1. We Mahidol - Most of the videos on this channel have Thai subtitles.
  2. Point of View - This channel has short informative videos and most of them have subtitles. She speaks very quickly though.  
  3. MinuteVideo Thailand

Music Videos

  1. Dance Medley - Ice Saranyu
  2. Love Songs - Ice Saranyu (30 min)
  3. Season of You - Mew Suppasit
  4. Dolphins are not Fish - NaNA
  5. Wish This Love  - Love By Chance Theme - GMM TV
  6. Trinity - Hidden Track
  7. Release (ปล่อย) - Num Kala

Fairy Tales & Short Stories


ปัญญายุทธ์ | Wisdom

This channel has a lot of animated stories with moral lessons. They seem to be from a Thai Chinese perspective. Note: Not all episodes have subtitles.

English Subtitles Only

A lot of shows, like those on the GMM TV, only have English subtitles. For these you can tell the app to the hide subtitles while listening. After listening, you can hover over the subtitles to check to see if you understood it. You can also use the arrow keys to skip through sections of the video that don't have any dialogue.

  1. Yes | Go - This is a vlog with a southern Thai accent.
  2. LDA World - Technological Singularity