Classroom Tools

  • Kahoot - You can create phone based interactive games for the classroom. It is good for practicing grammar and provides the teacher with immediate feedback.
  • Quizlet - You can create flashcards and generate teams games. It is good for practicing new vocabulary.
  • English for Kids - It has lots of online vocabulary activities for young learners.
  • Match The Memory - A simple memory game with lots of pre-made sets.

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Classroom Activities

  • Mind-map - create a mind map on the board connecting words students already know about the topic of the day.
  • Memory Game - If students get a match, they get 1 point. If they don't get a match, they can still get a point by using the word to construct a sentence based on the current grammar topic. This works well with comparatives and superlatives.
  • Hot Seat
    • The teacher selects one student to sit facing away from the board (in the hot seat).
    • The teachers writes a sentence on the board based on the day's topic.
    • The rest of the class tries get the person in the hot seat to say the sentence. They should not use Thai.
      • You can also have two people up front and divide the class into teams.
  • Police Line-up - This is a good game to practice describing people.
  • Book-based Listening - Take any of the dialogues in the student book and change some words. Students listen for the changes as you read the dialogue.
  • Secret Game - Have students write true secrets and their names on slips of paper. Make sure that they know not to write anything "top secret" since it will be shared with the class. After students turn in their secrets choose one secret and three students. Read the secret. The class may ask each student one question before trying to guess who wrote the secret.
  • The Sentence Monkey - These online games are useful for a quick review of grammar forms at the beginning or end of lessons.
  • Draw a...
    • This useful for practicing new vocabulary or listening skills.
    • Have students work in pairs.
    • Speak or write a description of a picture (person, room, monster...)
    • Give students a few minutes to draw it.
    • Show students the picture and congratulate the teams that were the closest.
  • PowerPoint Memory Game - Display a subset of the days vocabulary with the projector. Give students a few minutes to study the words. Blank the screen and instruct the students to write as many of the words as they can remember in the back of their books. Put the words back on the screen and praise students who remembered the most. Use choral repetition to practice pronunciation.
  • The Question Game
    • Directions - Put sticky notes around the room. Have a student close their eyes (or blindfold them). Class members have to give that student directions to the sticky note located on/in/under something.
  • Dialogue Scramble - Take a few dialogues from the book or write your own. Cut each dialogue into strips. Students have to put the strips in the correct order and then read it to you. This works best in groups of 3-5.

Worksheets and Other Resources