Sometimes we replace the subject with a pronoun to shorten our sentences.

    John is tall. 
    John is in my class.
       -> He is in my class.

    John and Mary are siblings. 
    John and Mary are in my class.
       -> They are in my class.

There are seven subject pronouns. pronoun image - used with permission

I    (1st person, the speaker)

He   (1 male)
She  (1 female)
It   (1 thing)

We   (the speaker and 1+ people)
You  (1+ people being spoken to)
They (2+ males, females, or things)

What pronouns can replace these words?

  1. My parents -
  2. The boy -
  3. The boys -
  4. You and me -
  5. The dog -
  6. The nice lady -
  7. The cats -

Who or what is the pronoun in bold referring to*?

  1. John is a nice person. He is my best friend.
  2. Jack and Jill have three dogs. They are small dogs.
  3. The smallest dog is a chihuahua. It is friendly.
  4. My friend Tom is meeting me for lunch. He is Canadian.

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*referring to = talking about