Page 3 - Dialogue

Matt: Hello, my name is Matt. How may I help you today?
Allie: My name is Allie and I would like to pay my bill.
Matt: Sure Allie, I can help you with that. What is your last name?
Allie: It’s Birch.
Matt: Could you spell that for me, please?
Allie: Sure, it’s B-I-R-C-H
Matt: To access your account I need to ask you about some personal information. When
is your birthday?
Allie: My birthday is June 25th, 1990. Is there any more information that you need?
Matt: Yes, just one more question. What is your phone number?
Allie: My phone number is 55-555-5555.
Matt: Great! I was able to access your account. It looks like you already paid this bill last
week. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Allie: That’s great! My husband must have paid it. No, that would be all. Thank you,
Matt: Thank you. Have a great day!

Page 6 - Dialogue

A: "Can I help you?"
B: "Yes please. I can’t find my pen. Can I
borrow yours?."
A: Sure, here you are.
A: "Could I cut the paper for you?"
B: "Yes please. That would be very kind of
A: "Would you like to borrow my marker?"
B: "No thanks." Or, "No thank you."
A: "Would you like some colored pencils?"
B: "Yes please, that would be lovely."
Or, "Yes please, I'd love some."
A: "Would you like me to answer the phone?"
B: "If you wouldn't mind." Or, "If you could."
A: "I'll do the photocopying/printing, if you like."
B: "It's OK, I can do it." Or, "Don't worry, I'll do
Or, "Thank you, that would be great."

Page 8-9 B1

Q: Excuse me. Are the washrooms near
near here?
A: Yes. Just turn left at the end of the

Q: Excuse me. I’m looking for the sports
A: Oh, okay. It’s just through the door

Q: Excuse me. Where is the ATM?
A: It’s just next to the storage room.

Q: Excuse me. How can I get to the
President’s office?
A: Take the elevator up to the 10th floor

Q: Excuse me. What are the directions to
the Registrar’s Office?
A: Take the stairs down to the main floor.
Go through the door on the left.

Page 9-10 B2

A: We’re looking for the post office. Where is it from here?
B: Stay on Palm Street. Go down Palm Street for three blocks. Turn right there.
It’s at the next intersection on your left.

A: Excuse me, Sir. I’m looking for the library. How do I get there?
B: Go straight down this hall. It’s on your left.

A: Can you tell me the way to Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University, please?
B: Yes. You are going in the wrong direction. Go to the second stop sign in that
direction. Turn left on First Avenue. Go down First Avenue for one block.
The university is at the corner of First Avenue and Third Avenue.

A: Could you help me? I want to go to the Football Field.
B: Yes, sure. Go down the corridor – to the end. Then, go out the front door. The
Football Field is across the street.

A: What is the way to the Humanities Department? Is it near here?
B: Yes, it is. Go to the stop sign. Continue straight ahead. Turn right
at the next corner. It is in the building after the Recreation Center. You
can’t miss it.

A: Can you help me, Sir? Where is the canteen from here?
B: Yes, Ma’am. Take the elevator down to the 1st floor. The canteen is on the 1st
floor. The canteen is on that floor.

A: Excuse me, Ma’am. What are the directions to Room 631?
B: Go to Building 6. Take the stairs up to the 3rd floor. It’s the room to your left.

A: Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the internet shop?
B: Continue on this road and turn right. It’s on the other side of this building.

Page 15 - Dialogue 2

A: Good morning, Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University. Anna Parker speaking. How can I help you?
B: Good morning. I’m John Smith. I would like to
meet with Khun Weerasak from the IT department to present our latest
software upgrade. Could I make an appointment with him for next week,
A: Khun Weerasak is away in Korea on vacation right now. He won’t be back
until early October. I have his diary, though, so we could organize a
meeting in October if you want.
B: Yes, that would be great. How about Thursday, October 9 at 10 o’ clock?
Is Khun Weerasak available then?
A: No, I’m sorry. He has an appointment in Chonburi in the morning and he
will be attending a seminar in Bangkok in the afternoon. How about Friday,
October 10?
B: Sorry, I have to make a presentation in Singapore on Friday afternoon
and my flight leaves at 8 AM. How about Monday, October 13?
A: Okay, let me see. Khun Weerasak doesn’t have any appointments on that
day. What time would suit you best?
B: How about 10 o’clock?
A: Yes, 10 o’clock would be fine. Please come to the reception area in the
main building when you arrive.
B: Okay. Thanks very much for your help.
A: You’re welcome. See you at 10 o’clock on Monday, October 13. Goodbye.
B: Bye.