I recently discovered the Language Learning with YouTube extension for Chrome and Edge.  Here are some of the features:

  • You can display two subtitles at the same time.
  • Click on any word to see a detailed definition.
  • Press 'S' to repeat the line you just heard.
  • Use auto pause to give you time to read or repeat (shadow) each line.  

The only catch is that the video your watching needs to have subtitles, but I've collected a few here to get you started.  There is also an extension for Netflix too.

I've also found an Android app with similar features called DingulTube. If you have found and iOS app with similar features, please let me know in the comments.

Short Videos

This is a collection of short videos with subtitles that can easily be used in a classroom setting.

We Bear Bears - Cartoon

How To Videos - These videos are a useful source of comprehensible input since they usually show and tell you how to do something at the same time.



Songs for Kids - Using auto-pause on the Language Learning extension is a good way to teach the lyrics with shadowing.

Cartoons and Fairy Tales

Ted-Ed - This playlist has about 60 high quality education videos. The videos are about 5 minutes long. For home use you might consider the longer TED videos aimed at adults.

Sprouts - This channel has a lot of short educational videos using drawing animations.

National Geographic - They have lots of short clips as well as longer documentaries.

  • Nat Geo Kids - The Amazing Animals series is quite good, and the videos are only about 2 minutes long.

Storyline Online - Children's stories read aloud. Most stories are 5-15 minutes long.

Longer Videos