We use reported speech to talk about what someone else said. It is often used on the news and while gossiping.



The box will turn green when you fill in the correct answer.

  1. "I walk to school." -> She said that she to school.
  2. "John will go with me." -> She said that John go with her.
  3. "I am going to build a beautiful wall." -> He said that he going to build a beautiful wall.
  4. "We won't pay for it." -> They said that they not pay for it.
  5. "They called me at 11 pm." -> She said that they her at 11 pm.
  6. "They can help you." -> He said that they help you.
  7. "You shouldn't drink and drive." -> They said that we drink and drive.
  8. "I am running a bit late." -> She said that she running a bit late.
  9. "She will be there." -> He said that she be there.
  10. "Your mother loved you very much." -> He said that my mother me very much.

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