Reading is a great way to increase your vocabulary. It doesn't matter how slow someone speaks. If you don't already know most of the words, you won't be able to understand the sentence.

There are two types of reading: extensive and intensive.

  • During extensive reading you read for gist and move through the text fairly quickly. Don't worry about understanding everything.

  • During intensive reading you should have a dictionary and maybe even a grammar book on hand.

It's important to practice both forms of reading.

The Basics

Free Books and Short Stories

Vocabulary Websites

Fry Words - These are some of the most common words in English that you should be able to recognize by sight. This site includes activities to help you memorize them.

500 Most Common English Words Video - This is video with Thai translations that I made.

2000 Most Common Words in Spoken English - Quizlet

Android Apps with Thai

app image

5000 English Phrases

6000 English Words

AnkiDroid - This is the best spaced repetition app that I've found. It has lots of user created content. The Android version is free.
Duolingo - This is one of the most popular free apps for learning languages.

Read Along Stories for Children


There are lots of extensions to make your browser read words to you. I like imTranslator. They have extensions for all major browsers.