Would you like any jam for your toast?
-> Yes, raspberry please.

What's a raspberry?
-> It's similar to a strawberry but smaller and more tart.

A There are lots of raspberries this year.
B Really, are they ripe?
A Yes, they're big and sweet.
B Let's go pick some.
A Ok, I know a great spot. Get your bucket!


  1. bucket - like a large bowl: ถัง, ปี๊บ, ถังขุดดิน
  2. ripe - ready to be eaten: สก
  3. spot - place: สถาน
  4. tart - a flavor
    : ส้ม, เปรี้ยว

(Translations are from Google. If I chose the wrong Thai word, please let me know in the comments.)

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