1. The apple is between the boxes.
  2. The apple is in front of the book.
  3. The apple is behind the book.
  4. The chair is to the left of the table.
  5. The apple is under the table.
  6. The apple is on the book.
  7. The apple is next to the book.
  8. The apple is above the book.
  9. The chair is to the right of the table.

Practice - The box will turn green when you type the correct answer.


  1. The pillows are the bed.
  2. The fan is the bed.
  3. The fan is the ceiling.
  4. The bed is the door.
  5. The window is the bed.
  6. The picture is the wall.
  7. The nightstand is the bed.
  8. The nightstand is the lamp.
  9. The bed is the room.
1. on 2. above 3. on 4. to the right of 5. above, behind 6. on 7. next to, to the right of 8. below, under 9. in

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