1. We use it for things that are happening now.

I am watching TV at the moment.
She is talking to her cousin now.

  1. We use it for things that will happen at a specified time in the future.

My parents are coming for dinner at 6:00 pm.
We are watching a movie tonight.

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Are you going?
Yes, I am going.
No, I am not going.

Is he going?
Yes, he is going.
No, he isn't going.

Are they going?
Yes, they are going.
No, they are not going.

Use AM with I.
Use IS with he/she/it.
Use ARE with we/you/they.


V = vowel, C = consonant

Spelling Rules Lesson

Practice Problems - The box will turn green when you type the correct answer.

  1. I my term paper. (print, +)
  2. He too fast. (drive, +)
  3. No, Tom and I . (date, -)
  4. Massages . (relax, +)
  5. the cat ? (sleep, ?)
  6. No, Susan Spanish. (teach, -)
  7. They a house. (build, -)
  8. the cows water now? (drink, ?)
  9. he you paint the fence? (help, ?)
  10. No, he me paint the fence. (help, -)
  11. you two again? (fight, ?)
  12. Your team . (win, -)
  13. The children in the canal. (swim, +)

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