Look at these Sentences

The dog runs. - gives no specific date or time; repeats (ฉันวิ่ง)

  • When?
    I don't know.

The dog is running. - it is happening now; it's about one particular event (ฉันกำลังวิ่ง)

  • When?
    Right now.

The Present Simple

The present simple, by itself, does not tell you when something happens.

However, it can be used with words like often, usually, and every day to indicate frequency. (See the how often lesson)

  • I usually run at the park.
  • I brush my teeth every morning.

It can also be used with a specific time.

  • I get up every morning at 6am.
I run in the park.     
He runs in the park.         *He/She/It runs

I don't run in the park.
He doesn't run in the park.  *He/She/It doesn't run

You may use:
  do not   OR  don't
  does not OR  doesn't

Do I run in the park?
Does he run in the park?     *Does He/She/It

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The Present Continuous

present continuous timeline

The present continuous is used for actions that are happening now.

  • I am running at the park. (now)
  • You are studying English right now.

If you add a time word, you can use the present continuous to talk about the future too.

  • He is running in the park at 7pm.

    => He will run in the park at 7pm.
I am running.      
He is running.     *He/She/It is
We are running.    *We/You/They are    
I am not running.
He isn't running.
We aren't running.

You may use:
  I'm not OR  I am not
  isn't   OR  is not
  aren't  OR  are not

Am I running?
Is he running?
Are we running?    

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**Test Yourself:** Type the correct verb tense and then check your answer.

  1. He in the park now. (run, +)
  2. He in the park every day. (+)
  3. in the park now. (he, ?)
  4. No, he in the park now. (-)

  5. On Mondays, they at the school. (+)
  6. Do you on Mondays too? (?)
  7. A: Where is Jane?
    B: She now. (+)
  8. No, she . I was just at the pool and didn't see her. (-)

  9. TV? (you, ?)
  10. Yes, TV. (+)
  11. No, TV. (-)
  12. No, I only TV the weekend.
  13. Bonus
  14. He to play football now. (want, +) * See stative verbs.
1. is running 2. runs 3. Is he running 4. isn't running 5. swim 6. swim 7. is swimming 8. isn't swimming 9. Are you watching 10. I'm watching 11. I'm not watching 12. watch 13. wants

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