The present simple is often used to talk about routines or general facts. The past simple is often used to talk about specific past actions and past routines.


SUBJECT + V-ED (I watched)
SUBJECT + DIDN'T + V (I didn't watch)
DID + SUBJECT + V (Did you watch?)

Present: She watches a movie every Friday.
Past: She watched a movie every Friday. (She might not watch them any more.)

Present: Tom doesn't go to Bangkok very often.
Past: Tom didn't go to Bangkok last week.

Present: I don't eat meat.
Past: I didn't eat meat yesterday.

Present: Do you go fishing?
Past: Did you go fishing?


  1. I play football.
    I football yesterday.
  2. John and Tim don't like the restaurant.
    John and Tim the resaurant.
  3. She helps at the homeless shelter every Saturday.
    She at the homeless shelter every Saturday last year.
  4. He doesn't work on the weekend.
    He on the weekend.
  5. Do you study for tests?
    you for the test?>


Don't use DID with the BE verb.
Use was or wasn't with I, he, she, and it.
Use were or weren't with you, we, and they.

Present: He is happy.
Past: He was happy.


  1. I am tired.
    I tired.
  2. The dog is not friendly.
    The dog friendly.
  3. There are 1000 people at the concert.
    There 1000 people at the concernt.
  4. Is he your classmate?
    he your classmate?
  5. They are not expensive.
    They expensive.