Here are some free stories available in both English and Thai.

Level 1

Busy Ants - English | Thai
Lost and Found - English | Thai
My Friends - English & Thai
The Greedy Mouse - English & Thai
How the Lion Got his Mane - English & Thai
My Fish! No, my Fish! - English & Thai
Too Big! Too Small - English & Thai

Level 2

Where is Gogo? - English | Thai
Goodnight Tinku! - English | Thai
Singing in the Rain - English & Thai
We are all Animals - English | Thai

Level 3

The Generous Crow - English | Thai
Why do Bees Buzz? - English | Thai

More Stories from StoryWeaver - HERE

These stories are in Thai, but if you click on the story title (not Quick View) you can open versions in other languages too.

More Stories with the Let's Read app - HERE

This app has a large collection of stories available in English and Thai, but there is no sound and you can't read the Thai and English at the same time.

Short Audio Books on YouTube

These books are read in both languages.