MY is a possessive adjective. We use it with nouns to show ownership. - ของฉัน

I is a subject pronoun. It is used before a verb. (am, is, was, have, like, run, eat...) - ฉัน



  • My book is new.
  • This is my red book.
  • My friends are fun.
  • My name is John.
  • My birthday is October 15th.


  • I am reading a new book.
  • I have many friends.
  • I am John.
  • I was born on October 15.
  • I am tall.

Here are some other subject pronouns and possessive adjectives.

I     My
He    His
She   Her
It    Its   (1 thing)
You   Your
We    Our
They  Their (2+ people or things)


Don't forget to capitalize the first letter of a sentence. The box will turn green when you type the correct answer.

  1. John likes to run.
    shoes are expensive.
    runs 10 kilometers every day.
  2. Sally is American.
    lives in America.
    parents are from China.
  3. My motorcycle is a Honda.
    I can't drive it now because tire is flat.
    is red.
  4. There are many dogs on my street.
    bark a lot.
    barking* annoyed me at first but now I'm used to it.
  5. My friends and I are going to the park.
    school is having picnic.
    will play games and eat food.

You can also check your answers by listening.

*Words ending in -ING

  • BE VERB-ING is a true verb.
    • They are running.
  • VERB-ING by itself is usually a noun or an adjective.
    • Running is fun.
    • The barking dog is my dog.

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