Jeff and John

Comparatives: When we compare 2 items, we use -ER or MORE.

  • John is taller than Jeff. (สูงกว่า)
  • Jeff is more handsome than John.

We don't need to say the second name if it can be understood from context.

  • Jeff is more handsome.

MORE - We use MORE with long words (2+ syllables) that don't end in -Y.

  • Handsome has two syllables so we say more handsome not handsomer.
  • Beautiful has three syllables so we say more beautiful not beautifuller.
  • Pretty has two syllables but ends in Y so we say prettier not more pretty.

Some 2 syllable words can use MORE or -ER. E.g. Some people say "cleverer" and others say "more clever."

Spelling Rules

  1. We can usually just add -ER.

    • loud -> louder
    • tall -> taller
    • small ->
    • fast ->
  2. E Rule
    If the last letter is an E, we just add R.

    • late -> later
    • cute -> cuter
    • huge ->
    • brave ->
  3. CVC Rule
    If the last 3 letters of the word are a consonant, a vowel and a consonant, we usually double the last letter. We don't double W,X, or Y.

    • big -> bigger
    • wet -> wetter
    • slim ->
    • red ->

Remember: V = Vowel (AEIOU), C = Consonant (BCDF...)

  1. Y Rule
    Drop the Y and add IER.

    • pretty -> prettier
    • tricky -> trickier
    • tacky ->
    • lovely ->

Exceptions: Here are some exceptions to these rules.

fox, eagle, giraffe, lion and cheetah

Remember to use than when comparing two things.
He is older than her.

  1. dangerous
    The lion is the fox.
  2. tall
    The giraffe is the lion.
  3. fast
    The cheetah is the giraffe.
  4. majestic
    The eagle is the giraffe.
  5. sly
    The fox is the lion.
  6. brave
    The lion is the fox.

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