Immersion / Comprehensible Input - English Only

  • Bing - This is a cute children's series with simple English and lots of repetition.
  • Peppa Pig - This is another cute children's series. The characters use British English.
  • TED-Ed - The are quite difficult but they have animations to help you follow along.

Listening Labs

Mobile Apps

  • Fun Easy Learn English - This has a variety of activities to practice words or phrases. It also provides many translations, including Thai.

  • Duolingo - This mobile app can be quite addictive. I use it regularly to practice other languages.

  • Learn English for Kids - Apple Version

  • Quizlet - This free site lets you create lists of things that you want to study. It has several different study modes.

  • IELTS Listening - This app has lots of listening exercises with short comprehension quizzes.

  • TOEIC Test Prep - This test preparation app has lots of exercises to practice your listening skills.


  • LyricsTraining - Listen to popular songs and fill in the missing words. Beginners should select "Choice Mode" instead of "Write Mode." There are also mobile apps available. You get 3 free songs every 30 minutes.
  • English Songs with Thai Subtitles - This is link to some YouTube search results.


Audio Books

  • Librivox has free classics read by real people.
  • Audible has high quality recording of thousands of books (paid).
  • Dual-Language Bible - This site has many translations and audio recordings available for the christian bible.
  • Library - Many libraries have books available on CD.