There are three ways to use like.

like NOUN

  • I like books.
  • He likes soccer.
  • We like yoga.

like to VERB1

  • I like to read.
  • He likes to play soccer.
  • We like to do yoga.

like VERB-ing*

  • I like reading.
  • He likes playing soccer.
  • We like doing yoga.

* In this case, adding 'ing' turns the verb into a noun called a gerund.

Watch Out
Do not use: TO + VERB-ing
-> I like to reading.


  • I don't like... (I, you, we, they)
  • He doesn't like... (he, she, it)

You can say: "I dislike..."


  • Do I like... (I, you, we, they)
  • Does he like... (he, she, it)


  • I love... = I like a lot.
  • I hate... = I don't like at all.

Practice - The box will turn green when you spell the plural form correctly.

  1. I listen to music.
  2. I listening to music.
  3. I music.
  4. She dance.
  5. She dancing.
  6. Thanawat reading.
  7. Thanawat and Panida reading.
  8. She doesn't dance.
  9. I do not cheese.
  10. I like to eat cheese.
  11. The children cleaning the house. (-)
  12. He pop music. (-)