I have found lessons for intermediate level Thai hard to come by, so I decided to make some of my own using comprehensible input resources from YouTube.

I used Google Translate, with some occasional input from Thai friends, to create rough translations of words and phrases that seemed important or that I wasn't very familiar with.

You probably shouldn't try to memorize all of the vocabulary. According to comprehensible input theories your time would be better spent flooding your brain with more input. If needed, just review them enough to bring your understanding of the videos up to about 70%.

If you haven't heard of comprehensible input, I recommend this video.

Check out my most recent lessons below or all lessons here.

Comprehensible Input

Easy to Hard

Bing - 65 Short Episodes - This is a cute show for toddlers with simple vocabulary and lots of repetition. They also talk a lot so there is very little wasted time.

Babybus - This is another show for little kids. It is a little harder than Bing and has less repetition.

Dora the Explorer - This is a popular children's show in America dubbed into Thai. It has bits of English. I think the English is where they would have be teaching kids Spanish in the original.

Nickelodean & Yeah1 - This includes Thai versions of Paw Patrol, Dora, SpongeBob, and Blaze.

PJ Masks - This is a popular children's show in America dubbed into Thai.

Thai Fairy Tales - This is a large collection of fairy tales that are generally told in the 3rd person.

Minute Video Thailand - These are fast draw animations with true stories told in the 3rd person. Be careful with kids, many of the playlists contain adult topics.

TED Ed Thai - These are quite difficult but they have nice animations to help you follow along. They have lots of science and history videos. They usually include links to the English version if you want to watch that first.