Step 1: Listen and watch as the story is read on YouTube.

Step 2: Read the story on Story Weaver (or in the Let's Read App).

Step 3: Ask circling questions about the pictures.

Step 4: Create a new story together using target words from the story. (Encourage silly stories as they make the vocabulary easier to remember.)

Option 1: Let students create their own word search or word scramble with words from the story. These words could be the basis for the story in step 4.

Option 2: Cloze exercise for students with phones.

Lara was a ladybird. She didn't like being different from all the other ladybirds. She wanted to be the . So, one day her painted her wings bright . Her classmates were shocked. They her yellow wings. When she got home, she took a to wash off the red paint. She decided not to paint her wings again. Well, maybe once or , but just for fun.

Answer Box

1. same
2. mother
3. red
4. loved
5. bath
6. twice

Option 3: Science Connection