tense pictures

Look at these sentences. What are the differences?

I go to Paris.
I am going to Paris.
I am going to go to Paris.

Not sure? Let's add some time words to help.

I go to Paris often. บ่อยครั้ง
I am going to Paris now. ตอนนี้
I am going to go to Paris next month. สัปดาห์หน้า

I go

  • Simple Present.
  • It is used for things that repeat.

I am going

  • Present Continuous.
  • It is used for things that are happening right now.
  • You can use it to talk about the future but you must add a future time word.
    • I am going tomorrow.

I am going to go

  • Future Simple.
  • It always talks about the future. You do not need a future time word.
  • It often sounds like "I'm gonna go" when we speak.


  1. I can't talk. I am driving ______.
  2. I am going to drive to Chicago ______.
  3. I eat there _____.
  4. I ___________ now.
  5. I run _______.
1. now 2. tomorrow 3. often 4. am reading 5. in the park
**Question Formation**

Do you watch TV?
-> Yes, I watch TV.

Are you watching TV?
-> No, I'm not watching TV. I am studying English.

Are you going to watch TV?
-> Yes, I am going to watch TV after class.

BE Rule Reminder

I am
He / She / It is
We / You / They are

The dog is
The dogs are