Read the sentences and try to find the pattern.

  • I will travel next month. (ฉันจะไปเที่ยว...)
  • I will go to Europe.
  • I'll stay in London for one week.
  • After London, I will visit Paris for 10 ten days.
  • I won't fly to Paris.
  • I will take the train from London.
  • I want to tour Rome too, but I will not have enough time.
  • Will you go with me?

Form: this is a pretty simple verb tense in English.

Subject       +          -           ?
I            will     will not    Will I..? 
He/SHe/It    will     will not    Will he..?
You          will     will not    Will you..?
We           will     will not    Will we..?
They         will     will not    Will they..?

Short Forms

  • will -> I'll, He'll, She'll, It'll, You'll, We'll, They'll
  • will not -> won't


  • tomorrow, next week, tonight, in three days, on Monday

Practice: Change the sentence into the future tense using will. The box will turn green when you type the right answer.

  1. I always eat lunch at 11:30am.
    Tomorrow, lunch at 11:30.
  2. I play football on Mondays.
    football on Monday.
  3. He is not late for class.
    be late for class tomorrow.
  4. We are tired.
    tired after our exam.
  5. Do you travel to Korea often?
    to Korea next year?
1. I will eat 2. I will play 3. He will not 4. We will be 5. Will you travel

More Practice