I have a [noun].

  • I have a sore throat
  • She has a broken leg.
  • I have the flu.

I feel [adjective].

  • I feel sick.
  • I feel hot.
  • She feels sad.

Note: You can usually replace FEEL with the BE verb. "I am sick." "She is sad."

Cold - can be a noun or an adjective.

  • I feel cold. It's only 10 degrees outside!
  • I have a cold. My nose is stuffed up and I feel sick.


The box will turn green when you fill-in the correct answer.

A Good afternoon. How are you?
B I don't so good.
A What's wrong?
B I a headache and I very tired.
A I think you might the flu. My sister the flu and you spend a lot of time together.
B Oh, no! What are her symptoms?
A She weak and tired. She a headache but she doesn't a fever. Do you a fever?
B No, I don't one either.