There are several really useful extensions that add features to YouTube and Netflix to enhance their usefulness for learning languages. They are both free but do offer some premium features like the ability to easily save and export words to a flashcard program like Anki. To use them you need to be on a computer using the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers.

I like these extensions by Dioco best:

This extension by App for Language is a close second:

English YouTube Channels with Good Subtitles

Ted-Ed - This playlist has about 60 high quality education videos. The videos are about 5 minutes long. For home use you might consider the longer TED videos aimed at adults.

BBC Ideas - This is another great collection of educational videos with subtitles and animations.  This channel has a lesser focus on science and technology than Ted-Ed does.

What If - The What If Show answers the grand speculative scenarios and bizarre possibilities that we all may wonder about.

Sprouts - This channel has a lot of short educational videos using drawing animations.

National Geographic - They have lots of short clips as well as longer documentaries.

  • Nat Geo Kids - The Amazing Animals series is quite good, and the videos are only about 2 minutes long.

ASAP Science

The Infographics Show

TheOdd1sOut - This is a video comic on a variety of subjects.

Storyline Online - Children's stories read aloud. Most stories are 5-15 minutes long.

Longer Videos