Do you run?
-> Yes, I run.
-> Sometimes.
-> I run every day.

[This is a general question with no specific time indicated.]

Are you running?
-> No, I'm not running. I am studying English.

[This is asking about now.]

Are you running at 7pm?
-> Yes, I'm running at 7pm. = Yes, I will run at 7pm.

[You may also use the present continuous to talk about a specific future time.]



The box will turn green when you fill in the correct word.

  1. He TV now. (watch)
  2. We a movie tonight. (watch)
  3. you go to Beijing? (at some future time)
  4. Are you to Beijing on Friday? (go)
  5. you to Beijing often?

See the complete Present Simple vs Present Continuous* Lesson
*Continuous = Progressive