old man with a white beard. He is wear a hat and holding a pole
This is an old man with a white beard. He is wearing a hat, vest, and long-sleeved shirt. He has fair skin and a big nose. He is holding a pole.



Body - Size / Beauty / Height
... is ...

  • He is fit.
  • She is small.
  • He is strong.
  • She is beautiful.

a person with long hair

Hair / Skin / Eyes

... has ...

  • She has long hair.
    • "Her hair is long." is okay too.
  • He has dark skin.
  • He has blue eyes.
  • She has lovely eyes.
Has vs Has got
  He has short hair.     (American)
  He has got short hair. (British)

a person wearing and watch and belt

Clothing / Accessories

... is wearing ...

  • She is wearing a hat.
  • He is wearing white shoes.
  • They are wearing sunglasses.



AND is used to join two similar things: + and +
BUT is used to join two contrasting things: + but -
OR is used for choices

  • He is short and handsome. และ
  • The dog is small but mean. แต่
  • Would you like water or soda?

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Character Traits


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