Count Items

  • use a/an, some ____s, or how many _____s
    • an apple, some apples
    • a banana, some bananas

Non-Count Items (uncountable)

  • some _____ or how much ____
    • No 'S' or 'A/AN' form
    • ~~a milk~~, some milk
  • Common non-count food items are things like
    • water
    • rice (very small and hard to count)
    • large fruits and vegetables (things you slice up)
    • meat
    • cheese
    • bread

Much and Many are most often used with questions.

  • Use much with non-count nouns.
  • Use many with countable nouns.
How much broccoli should I buy?
   Please buy a lot / a little.

How many eggs do you want?
   Please buy 6 eggs.

Change SOME to ANY in negative sentences and most questions.

There is some milk left.
-> There isn't any milk left.

There are some carrots.
-> There aren't any carrots.

BE CAREFUL - A/AN do not change.

There is an onion.
-> There is not an onion.


Are there any carrots left?

  • You think the answer will be NO.

Are there some carrots left?

  • You are about 90% sure the answer will be YES.

Food Vocabulary Game

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