Can (ได้) = to know how to do something

What can you do?

  • I can walk.
  • Superman can fly.
  • Batman can't fly.

What can you do?

  1. I can read
  2. I can't
  3. I . (swim)
  4. I . (fly, -)
  5. A cheetah very fast. (run)

a cheetah hunting


There are three ways to spell the negative:
Cannot = can not = can't

Can is followed by a verb: can + VERB
The verb is always in the infinitive (not -ING) form.

  • He can run
  • He can running

Can is a modal verb and does not change with the subject. This means that we do not add an 'S' after the third person singular (He/She/It).

I run   | I can run.
He runs | He can run.