There are a lot of apps to learn English, but few of them include enough pictures or Thai translations to be very useful. Below are some that do have pictures or translations.

5000 English Phrases - This app has a variety of activities for learning a wide range of phrases and short sentences. Be sure to check out the pronunciation help in the vocabulary section.

  • 6000 English Words - This app is by the same publisher and is good for learning how to sound out and spell individual words.

AnkiDroid - This is the best spaced repetition app that I've found. It has lots of user created content. The Android version is free.

Duolingo - This is one of the most popular free apps for learning languages.

Sentence Master - This is a sentence scramble game that you can play alone or with friends. It is for more advanced learners since translations are note provided.

Learn English Sentences - This is another sentence building app that has TTS sound and buttons for quick translations.